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The Zagreb County Tourist Board confirmed its status as a year-round destination. Visitors were delighted by the VIA VINO experience

The recently concluded edition of VIA VINO, the remarkable wine festival organised by the Tourist Board of Zagreb County, has once again showcased its unique charm as a year-round tourism destination. With its diverse program and breathtaking locations, the festival has unofficially earned the distinction of being the most exceptional wine festival in continental Croatia, drawing in hundreds of visitors who were left inspired and captivated.

We are delighted that visitors recognised VIA VINO as an event that blends the traditional values of Zagreb County with a contemporary approach. Ivana Aliliović, the Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, commented, "This festival is a modern representation of the spirit of our region, which is what visitors expect and appreciate". Zagreb County has long been known for its exquisite continental wine and food tourism, and the choice of Plešivica as the finale of VIA VINO further cements its position as a preferred destination. The festival attracts a growing number of new visitors each year, establishing itself as a modern and urban celebration that pays homage to the culture of the table, as well as the customs and traditions of our regions in a contemporary and appealing manner.

The festival couldn't have ended on a better note! The grand finale occurred at the stunning Dobra Berba winery, nestled in a historic building that once housed a wine cooperative in 1935. The picturesque landscape of Plešivica provided the perfect setting for a full day of festivities on a sunny October Saturday. The crowd grooved to the beats of DJ Mirza, and as the sun set, Filip Rudan's electrifying concert had all the wine lovers swaying and dancing. It was indeed a day to remember!

At VIA VINO, you can indulge in a culinary adventure with a delightful selection of dishes featuring traditional local delicacies and contemporary creations that will tantalise your taste buds.

VIA VINO holds gastronomy in high regard and celebrates the culture of dining and the unique flavours of Zagreb County. Each event during the festival features a dedicated open kitchen where freshly prepared food takes centre stage. The festival's grand finale, following the tours of Zagreb County, leaves visitors in awe with the delectable aromas of crispy fried chicken - a symbol of day trips - and slow-roasted veal shanks with polenta, expertly crafted by the renowned SOPAL restaurant. The festival promises a culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Don't miss the spectacular finale of the VIA VINO festival!

Vacation in Zagreb County -Embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gems of Zagreb County's stunning destinations

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County is dedicated to sustainably promoting tourism development throughout the year. The overwhelming success of VIA VINO has inspired their efforts. With the tagline "Vacation in Zagreb County," the Tourist Board invites tourists to discover over 50 idyllic picnic spots, charming family farms, and cosy vacation homes along the three wine routes of the region.

Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, emphasised that the county is constantly expanding and developing, with a growing emphasis on year-round tourism while prioritising environmental preservation and human rights. “Through collaboration and sustained efforts, we are paving the way towards a sustainable and prosperous future for our destinations," said Alilović.

Zagreb County is famously known as the green oasis of the city of Zagreb. It is surrounded by enchanting nature and boasts a rich cultural heritage. The county is making strides towards obtaining the coveted Green Destinations certificate, representing a significant milestone in promoting sustainable tourism in the continental region.

As summer fades away, the enchanting season of autumn takes over, and what better way to kick it off than with the renowned VIA VINO festival coming to a close? Despite this, Zagreb County still welcomes visitors to explore all the hidden treasures and enchanting delights this mystical destination offers.




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