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Wines of Zagreb County

The legend of the wine

"Beethoven and Charlie Chaplin enjoyed the wines of Zagreb County! Legend has it that the Kraljevina wine variety, autochthonous in Sv. Ivan Zelina and not even the composer Ludwig van Beethoven could resist it. Namely, his muse and friend, Countess Marija Ana Erdödy, treated him with this famous Sveti Ivan Zelina wine, and he, in return, dedicated several compositions to her. His diary found a note that he had 34 bottles of this light and refreshing wine ideal for summer evenings.

If you visit Jastrebarska, also known as Jaska, you will learn that Charlie Chaplin and Isadora Duncan visited this place in the first half of the 20th century. In the Jastrebarsko City Museum, you can find a menu that is believed to have been held in their hands, in addition to many other exciting exhibits. That's why their characters adorn many local wines."




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