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Within the scope of health tourism and wellness tourism, Specijalna bolnica za medicinsku rehabilitaciju Naftalan from Ivanić-Grad is also essential. It treats inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis), joint and spine diseases, and skin diseases (psoriasis and neurodermatitis). In addition to the spa program, it provides spa and wellness services. In addition to medical therapies, cosmetic preparations have been developed based on naphthalene: oil, creams and shampoo produced by the daughter company. Ivalan Terme. The hospital's comparative advantage is the use of salty thermal water and naphthalene, which has been known since ancient times as a natural medicinal ally in preserving health and preventing disease, and the first data on its medicinal properties were recorded by the famous world traveller Marco Polo as far back as the 13th century. Unfortunately, there are only two sites worldwide- Azerbaijan and Croatia.

Naftalan is a well-known wellness and spa destination, with accommodation available in 137 beds. A sports park near the hospital and developed rural and wine tourism complete the offer for all visitors eager to explore the surroundings.




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