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Sveta Gera standing at a height of 1178 meters, holds the title of the tallest peak in continental Croatia. This mountainous region is home to Žumberak and is mainly preserved within the Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje Nature Park, showcasing its stunning beauty.

To fully appreciate the area’s historical significance, we suggest starting your tour at the Budinjak Eco-Center and proceeding to the Budinjak Archaeological Park. A stroll along the Path of the Dukes, an educational trail, will provide insights into the area's rich heritage. The Budinjak site is just one stop on the Žumberak archaeological route, which includes several other significant historical landmarks like the Old Town of Tuščak, the Old Town of Žumberak, and the Latobics Celtic tribe cemetery in Bratelji. The Greek Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul, located near Glušinja, dates to the 17th century, serving as a testament to the area's Uskok heritage. This region boasts more Greek Catholic chapels and churches than any other part of Croatia. And for those interested in Uskok history, a visit to the Uskoks Museum of Žumberak in Stojdraga is highly recommended.

The Beech Queen Path is a stunning hiking trail that winds through unspoiled nature for 35 kilometres, spanning from Slani Dol to Sošice. Along the way, the Slapnica Valley is breathtaking, featuring protected landscapes and natural wonders such as the Vranjački waterfall, the Brisalo waterfall , and the Zidane cave . At Medven Draga, where the Slapnica meets the Kupčina, visitors can admire Medven family manor house the well-preserved , a country estate dating back to the 19th century. In Podžumberak, hikers can explore the oldest Roman Catholic church in the Žumberak area, the 16th-century Church of St. Nicholas the Bishop. In addition, the old Pil srama (pillory), a baroque brick pillar where criminals were punished, has been faithfully preserved. The entire Žumberak region is crisscrossed with marked hiking, mountain, and bike trails, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Visitors can rent electric bicycles or arrange guided tours at the Eco-center Budinjak.

Explore the breathtaking Žumberak Mountains and indulge in the freshest Žumberak trout from the crystal-clear mountain streams of the Kupčina River at the Ribnjaci Vrabac fish hatchery. You can even try your luck at fishing and grilling your catch on-site. For more trout adventures, head to Kostanjevac and visit the Žumberački raj Bistro, which has a trout fish hatchery. If you're looking for a cosy stay and traditional Žumberak cuisine, the Podžumberak Farmhouse is just a stone's throw away. The forests of Žumberak Mountains have become a recent discovery site for black truffles, adding luxury to selected Zagreb restaurants. At the Lagotto’s Peak household, you can experience the thrill of truffle hunting. Consider renting a comfortable holiday home or staying at one of the picnic areas or mountain lodges for a fairytale-like stay. Enjoy your Žumberak adventure!




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