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Zaprešić and its surroundings

Although Zaprešić is a newer city, the surrounding areas boast a rich noble history. Visitors can explore five nearby castles and learn about figures such as Ban Jelačić. The main attraction is Novi dvori a well-preserved 17th-century manor house with outbuildings, a chapel, and a forest park. The Jelačić family, the last property owners, have their family tomb here. The Museum of Matija Skurjeni,, located in the former granary, showcases the works of the famous naive painter. The Ban Jelačić golf club offers a well-equipped practice area for modern amenities. Equestrian enthusiasts can visit the Trajbar Team, which offers horseback riding and a beautifully decorated estate with a restaurant, cafe, and parks for children. Trajbar is also an excellent location for hosting events, making it a perfect option for private or business visits.

The region boasts a rich cultural heritage through its enchanting castles, which are must-see. Among the nearest ones, Lužnica stands out as a baroque, one-story building and a monument of the first category. The Spiritual and Educational Centre of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vinko Paulski is also open to visitors. Januševec, an elegant classicist structure built in 1830, is surrounded by a picturesque park. Laduč Castle, situated seven kilometres from Zaprešić, was constructed in the 19th century on the site of an older noble manor. The Oršić Castle in Gornja Bistra is a precious baroque building next to a park with an impressive alley. Presently, it serves as a children's hospital. Jakovlje Castle has a long, illustrious history, with the current edition dating back to 1880. Despite being neglected and forgotten, the castle has become a home and studio for fine artists whose sculptures adorn the surrounding park.

The Zajarki artificial lake is a beautiful spot for fishing, especially for carp enthusiasts. Kameni svati, a group of dolomite rocks on the western slopes of Medvednica, is named after a Croatian folklore tale. Hikers can follow a trail from Jablanovec and enjoy a stunning viewpoint at the top. The Zaprešić area offers multiple cycling routes, and the Medsave - Zaprešić platform is perfect for both two- and four-wheeled adventurers. A traditional means of crossing the river between Zaprešić and Samobor adds another exciting element to your journey.

If you head north of Zaprešić, you'll come across a hilly terrain perfect for mountain biking between the charming towns of Brdovec, Marija Gorica, and Dubravica. You can explore six collections of cultural heritage in the Brdovec Museum. Don't be surprised to see an elephant on the coat of arms of Marija Gorica, as fossil remains of an elephant were found here. The Cret Dubravica botanical reserve is a rare habitat of the round-leaved sundew, the only carnivorous plant in Croatia. Once you're done exploring, head to the famous farmhouse, The Old Press , in Šenkovac to indulge in delicious local gastronomic specialities.




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