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Velika Gorica and its surroundings

Turopolje is a region that has earned the title of "Noble Municipality of Turopolje" over many generations. Its population comprises proud individuals who have never been subjected to serfdom. To explore the region, one can start at Velika Gorica, located at the heart of Turopolje and an excellent starting point.

The Museum of the Turopolje region is situated in the centre of Velika Gorica, housed in a charming one-story structure constructed during the mid-18th century. This building served as the town hall of the Noble Municipality of Turopolje. If you require assistance exploring Turopolje further, the Visitor Center of the Tourist Board of Velika Gorica is conveniently located nearby. It can provide you with all the necessary information.

Suppose you happen to visit the nearby Ščitarjevo archaeological site. In that case, you can experience the Andautonia Archaeological Park and glimpse the lives of the ancient Romans who once resided there. The remains from the 1st century showcase a strategically crucial settlement and the primary centre of this region in the past province of Pannonia. The Days of Andautonia is an exciting annual event that reminds us of the customs of that era.

Turopolje's charm lies in its stunning wooden architecture, encompassing secular and sacred structures made from common oak. These wooden beauties remain intact today, with ten magnificent wooden churches and chapels still standing. The most notable is the 17th-century Chapel of St. Barbara in Velika Mlaka, which impresses visitors with its grandeur.

The Lukavec fortress was initially built with wood and later replaced with a masonry fortification, making it the only one in Turopolje. Its primary purpose was to protect against Turkish invasions and serve as a meeting and advisory spot for the Turopolje nobility. Today, the locals of Turopolje uphold the St. George's festivities tradition, which celebrates the transition from winter to spring and involves lighting a massive bonfire at this exact location.

Turopoljski Lug stands as a reminder of a prehistoric forest that used to stretch between Velika Gorica and Sisak. Vrata od krča , a cultural monument established in 1779 to commemorate the clearing of the forest, represents the enduring relationship between the local community and the forest's natural resources. It serves as a symbol of this bond that has lasted for centuries.

Going for a stroll on a well-kept path can be a great way to relax during a vacation. The Šumarica educational trail is a lovely nine-kilometre route that winds through the serene beauty of Vukomeričke gorice between the villages of Krušak and Kozjača. Additionally, the local forests are home to a newfound treasure trove of black truffles. Several restaurants in the Velika Gorica area, like Mon Ami restaurant or Babriga , offer these mushrooms and other varieties on their menus.

Ključić brdo in Vukomeričke Gorice and Odranski ribič by the river are beautiful locations to unwind with loved ones. Meanwhile, the Turopoljski grunt ethnographic site owned by the Dianežević family in Kurilovac is a true time capsule, offering a glimpse into centuries-old folklore, customs, and cuisine.

You'll be delighted to experience the exceptional taste of Brigljević family distillery's award-winning brandies, liqueurs, and the first-ever Croatian craft gin at their Velika Gorica location.




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