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Samobor and Sveta Nedelja

Embark on your journey in the charming heart of Samobor at King Tomislav Square, where you must bask in the delightful ambience of this enchanting town and its historic architecture. Then, indulge in a cup of coffee and treat yourself to the renowned Samobor kremšnite at either Livadić coffee shop or U prolazu pastry shop. For your next culinary adventure, be sure to visit the Filipec family's tasting room to savour their locally sourced delicacies that have been passed down through generations, such as muštarda, a spicy mustard spread, and bermet, a delectable wine-based aperitif.

Enjoy a stroll along Gradna Stream and stop at the charming wooden bridge. Your ultimate destination is the Samobor Museum , which was once the residence of composer Ferdo Livadić and a cultural hub of the important figures in the society of the time. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the stunning ruins of the Old Town of Samobor, a medieval fortress with a rich history dating back to the thirteenth century. As you return to the centre of Samobor, take a lovely forest walk through Anindol and spot the baroque chapel of Saint Ana, the city's patron saint.

To experience the local cuisine, you must visit the family-owned Gabreku 1929 restaurant , which boasts a rich history. For a fun outing with your loved ones, check out the sprawling Etno farm Mirnovec country estate in the city’s heart. Food lovers should not miss the renowned Kod špilje Inn near Otruševac. While you're there, visit the breathtaking Grgos' Cave a stunning natural wonder that is a popular local attraction.

If you're looking for a historical adventure, head to Rude and explore the Mine of St. Barbara , one of Europe's oldest copper and iron mines. Take advantage of trying the traditional Salted Miner's Greblica Pie. If you prefer fish, check out Divlje vode and Kršlin's Mill for fresh trout from the Bregana mountain stream. For hiking enthusiasts, the Samobor Mountains and Žumberak near Samobor offer breathtaking views and a chance to conquer peaks like Oštrc, Japetić, and Okić. Visit the Gogo excursion site in Slani dol to taste the local herbal liqueur, Pušlek, or take an educational trip to the Budinjak Eco Center and the Educational Track of the Crosses you can learn about the prehistoric site of old burial mounds.The Ethno house under Okić offers a glimpse into rural life from over a century ago. Cyclists will love this area, and for a taste of modernity, visit the famous Rimac Automobili electric car factory in Sveta Nedelja.




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