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Jastrebarsko and its surroundings

The Plešivica mountain is a southeastern branch of the Žumberak mountains and boasts one of Croatia's most famous and successful vineyards. Despite being the smallest wine region in the country, the southern slopes of Plešivica have a long-standing tradition of vine growth that spans centuries and even millennia. While wine-tasting is undoubtedly a popular activity in this picturesque area, visitors can also enjoy hiking and cycling trails. Moreover, the Cheese Road of the Zagreb region passes through here, making it a must-visit spot for cheese lovers. Keep your eyes peeled for hawks soaring above the hills, which were once bred for hunting in the Middle Ages. In fact, the town of Jastrebarsko, situated at the foot of Plešivica, was named after these majestic birds.

If you're planning a visit to Jastrebarsko, also known as Jaska, consider starting your tour at the City Museum and Jastrebarsko Gallery . For information about local tourism, there is also an information centre available. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the oldest building in the city,Erdödy Castle , located in a beautiful garden protected as a horticultural monument. While you won't be able to view the inside of the medieval Oršić castle, situated on top of a hill in Slavetić, it's still a historical gem worth seeing. The Parish Church of St. Nicholas, the city's patron saint, dates to 1257, and its current baroque appearance was established in the 18th century. The ornate chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Snows in Volavje and the church of St. Peter in Petrovina make up the oldest preserved medieval building complex in the Jaska area.

Did you know that the Plešivica wine road is home to over 30 exceptional wineries that wind from the town through the hills? The Portugizac is famous in the Plešivica vineyard, a young red wine that hits the market first after harvest. Besides, Plešivica thrives in international grape varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris. However, the region takes pride in its sparkling wines, hence the nickname "Croatian Champagne" region. The area also has a rich tradition in the cooper's craft, with the Golub family proudly displaying their cooperage collection on the ground floor of an old house. Try the local dish, Plešivica copanjak, which pairs perfectly with the excellent wine - a savoury cake with cottage cheese and greens. Many of the wineries offer tastings by appointment and serve local cuisine. In addition, you can visit Ivančić and Karlo restaurants, which highlight the region's flavours with stunning vineyard views. The newly opened restaurant within the Korak winery is also a must-visit, combining traditional Plešivica cuisine with creative haute cuisine.

If you want to burn calories while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, hiking, or cycling to the top of Plešivica is the perfect activity. At 778 meters above sea level, you can take in stunning sightseeing views from the iron pyramid at the summit. However, if you prefer a more relaxed pace, the quiet rural Sveta Jana, nine kilometres from Jaska, is ideal for cycling and exploring the local heritage. You can visit the ethno collection of Sveta Jana region and Mlinarova iža to learn more about the area's history. Another must-see destination is Krašić, located from Jastrebarsko to Ozalj. This is the leading pilgrimage site of the Cardinal Valley, and the former rectory houses the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac Memorial Room, which provides a peaceful space for every pilgrim.

Overall, this area offers the perfect holiday experience for all travellers.




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