Zagreb County Tourist Board

Zagreb County is quickly becoming a leading destination for sustainable fashion

Zoran Mrvoš collaborated with the Tourist Board of Zagreb County to shoot a fashion campaign for his upcoming collection at the Modrić Bedeković manor in Donja Lomnica.

To foster sustainability, it is crucial to recognise its interconnectedness with all sectors and levels of society. The tourism offer in Zagreb County is centred around promoting our region and cultivating sustainability. Pairing a local fashion brand with a destination is an effective method for achieving this goal. Zoran Mrvoš's fashion campaign is a platform for showcasing the Turopolje region and Zagreb County's protected localities, natural beauty, food, gastronomic riches, and fashion gems that draw inspiration from this area. The Zagreb County Tourist Board's director, Ivana Alilović, believes that this fashion event, which featured the famous Turopolska štrukla The Kurije, presents an opportunity to provide additional services for our guests and highlight the destination's rich eno and gastronomic offerings.

Marko Grubišić oversaw the fashion campaign photography. The campaign marks the return of Zoran Mrvoš to the fashion industry, showcasing his signature monochromatic style.

The location of Manor House Modić Bedeković was selected in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Zagreb County. The designer, Zoran Mrvoš, places a high value on simplicity, naturalness, and clean lines, all apparent in the surrounding area. Mrvoš himself resides nearby. His latest collection features monochromatic men's fashion that can seamlessly incorporate into women's wardrobes, regardless of the season or occasion. The collection's versatility and adaptability enable women to display their style with a single outfit. Zoran Mrvoš aspires to inspire women to embrace fashion with a bold attitude confidently.

Make sure to save the date of September 26 at 7:30 PM! The highly anticipated fashion show will take place at Family Mall, located at Škorpikova 11 in Zagreb. You'll be able to see the entire collection, but only if you have an invitation. But don't fret, as the collection will be available for purchase on September 27.




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