Zagreb County Tourist Board

To enhance the competitiveness of the tourist economy in 2024, we have allocated a budget of €3.4 million to support caterers, hotels, camps, family farms, and nautical businesses. This investment aims to provide these industries with the necessary resources to deliver high-quality services to their customers and ultimately contribute to the growth of the local economy!

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has recently released a public call for projects aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the tourism economy. The initiative seeks to support green and digital transformation in the sector, with a total budget of €3,404,340 available for co-financing!

The program is designed to support entrepreneurs in the tourism sector by focusing on their green and digital transition. The main areas of emphasis are the development of sustainable tourism products, the improvement of hospitality processes that are environmentally friendly, the creation of innovative tourism products and services, the implementation of circular economy principles, and the promotion of energy efficiency. These initiatives are aimed at enabling the tourism industry to thrive in a sustainable manner while minimizing its impact on the environment.

The program of small-value grants in tourism has been allocated 3.4 million euros this year, representing a significant increase in funds. It aims to financially support the green and digital transition of this sector, and it is being implemented through five measures. The program will now include hotels in 2024, as they are facilities with the highest added value, as well as camps and family farms, which are particularly important for the development of continental tourism. Part of the funds will also be intended for the green and digital transition of nautical tourism. Caterers are now eligible for grants, as introduced last year, and the latest addition to this measure is confectionery shops. The low-value grants are intended to encourage restaurateurs to invest in energy efficiency and reduce food waste. Minister Nikolina Brnjac announced these developments.

Small business entities, including commercial companies outside the public sector, trades, and cooperatives, as well as OPGs (family farms) or PGs (agricultural farms), are eligible for funding opportunities. These entities must either be registered or intend to register for catering activities once they have completed the project activities. The grant awarding program is composed of five measures.

Measure A aims to promote energy-efficient material assets and facilitate the green transition. Additionally, it seeks to digitize and enhance the operational efficiency of various types of hotels, including hotels, Heritage hotels, Diffusion hotels, Aparthotels, Tourist resorts, Tourist apartments, Boarding houses, Spa types of hotels, and Integral hotels.

Measure B aims to support investments in energy-efficient material assets and promote green transition, as well as digitization and improvement of work processes. Specifically, Measure B targets both existing and new camps, including Camp or Rest Camp, situated in the NUTS 2 region of Pannonia or Northern Croatia.

Measure C pertains to investments in energy-efficient material assets, green transition, and digitalization and improvement of work processes to enhance the efficiency of existing catering facilities that operate throughout the year. The said facilities must have a valid solution from the "RESTAURANTS" group, which includes Restaurant, Restaurant, Bistro, or Patisserie. On the other hand, Measure D supports investments made by OPGs (family agricultural farms) and PGs (farmers) in new wineries or tasting rooms. It also supports digitalization and e-bottling for OPGs or PGs that offer catering services and have a solution for the same.

Measure E pertains to investments made in already-existing vessels used for excursions that comply with the regulations specified in the Ordinance on types of nautical tourism vessels. The measure also includes investments made in vessels intended for renting out to guests, either with or without a crew, that provide accommodation services onboard the vessel (charter vessels).

To apply, the eCitizens system via the eTurizam portal (TuRiznica) must be used exclusively, according to the specified instructions. Interested applicants must follow the guidelines closely and ensure that they have all necessary information and documentation at their disposal before initiating the application process. The eTurizam portal (TuRiznica) offers a hassle-free, efficient platform for submitting applications. Click the link provided for further information:

Act now! Public call ends March 15, 2024. Secure your spot by applying through the link provided. Public calls and tenders/Tourism.




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