Zagreb County Tourist Board

Don't miss "Zagreb County: A Taste Above" at Silafest 2023, an award-winning video clip showcased at the film festival 

Exciting news! Silafest 2023 has just revealed its official selection of the finest tourist films and promotional videos in the Adriatic and Balkan regions. We are thrilled to announce that the "Zagreb County A Taste Above" video promoting Zagreb County has been recognized for its extraordinary work and exceptional creativity.

The video presented the wealth of cultural and natural attractions of Zagreb County and was selected to participate in Silafest. This renowned event takes place on the banks of the Danube in the idyllic town of Veliko Gradište, Serbia. This manifestation represents the Serbian phase of the CIFFT Circuit, an international competition in the film production of tourist destinations.

According to Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, they are pleased that their promotional video "A Taste Above" has been chosen for the official selection of Silafest 2023. This recognition validates their dedication to promoting Zagreb's green ring and all it offers. The video showcases the area's distinctiveness, emphasising sustainability, exceptional flavours, scenic views, and the local community.

The choice of Silafest 2023 is a significant move in promoting Zagreb County as a desirable tourist spot and enhancing its global presence. This occasion will bring together skilled filmmakers, tourism experts, and travel enthusiasts worldwide.

Following the announcement of the selected entries, the jury will convene again to assess the videos and determine the most outstanding ones. Further details regarding the ultimate competition will be revealed after August 1st, with the event being held between August 27th and September 2nd 2023.




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