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Seven wine varieties that you need to try


Portugizac is the trademark of Plešivica, a young and sour red wine with fruity aromas that ushers us into winter. You can find it in November at every winemaker in Plešivica. The Ivančić Winery used this variety for the sparkling wines Griffin Dark Side and Griffin Rosé and won gold medals at the world competition Portugizer du Monde.


The Zelina Wine Road can boast of an autochthonous wine variety. Every year, only the best Kraljevina wines are put on the market under a standard label as a county brand. This fluffy and drinkable white wine is an excellent accompaniment on spring and summer days, and it can also make a light, fresh sparkling wine


An old autochthonous wine variety from Moslavina gives a refreshing and light white wine, ideal for enjoying the perfect drink for warm days spent in nature and someone’s company. More famous producers are Voštinić-Klasnić and Kezele.


Experts say Riesling is the noblest variety, a wine for true connoisseurs. In the skillful hands of local winemakers, Riesling shows several faces, from light and young wine, through a fuller and more severe release from wooden barrels to a complex and robust Riesling aged in amphorae. You will find excellent Riesling wines in Šember, Tomac and Korak wineries.

Pinot Gris

An international wine variety is in the background, in the shadow of autochthonous and locally famous wines. But in its full glory, as a lively, rich and aromatic wine, it can be found in selected cellars in northwestern Croatia. The first address is the Plešivica winemaker Franjo Koletić, who devoted himself wholeheartedly to it.


One of the most popular and widespread white wines globally, so if you are wondering how little Croatia copes with global competition, head to Plešivica and taste what the Korak winery has to say on this topic. Look for drinkable chardonnays with a lighter body daily in the Zelina vineyard. 

Red Pinot Noir

A favourite red wine of a colder climate and a demanding challenge for every winemaker, it gives the best results in Plešivica. If it does not become a base for rosé sparkling wine, it provides a silky wine with an attractive fruity aroma. You will find excellent examples in wineries Korak, Šember, Tomac, Kolarić, or Barundić in the vicinity of Krašić and the winery Kos in Zelina.




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