Zagreb County Tourist Board

Zagreb County's tourism industry thrived in 2022

The tourism sector in Zagreb County has witnessed a sustained trend of positive indicators. The latest data from the eVisitor system reveals that in 2022, there was a significant increase in arrivals and tourist overnight stays by approximately 56% and 48%, respectively, compared to the previous year. These figures demonstrate the growing popularity of Zagreb County as a tourist destination and highlight its potential for further development.

Compared to the tourist record year 2019, about 91% of arrivals were achieved, while the number of overnight stays by tourists was higher by about 2% compared to 2019.

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According to the data retrieved from the eVisitor system, many tourists visiting the region were domestic guests, followed by guests from the markets of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Austria, the USA, Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and China.

The arrival organisation reports that around 90% of the guest arrivals were successful.

Ivana Alilović, the Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, has expressed her satisfaction with the achieved indicators and gratitude towards all those who contributed to a thriving tourist year. According to Alilović, the synergy of stakeholders, including winemakers, farmers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, local tourist boards, and the Zagreb County Tourist Board itself, has once again proven to be the recipe for the best results. Alilović stated that the County Tourist Board plans to continue the trend this year with a strong promotion of the destination and all its indigenous and innovative content. She mainly referred to the rising trend of building and renting vacation homes, both traditional and luxurious, of which there are over 130 in Zagreb County. Alilović also highlighted that the interest in staying in vacation homes has doubled compared to the previous year.




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