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World Tourism Day was celebrated in Velika Gorica: sustainability represents much more than a tool in destination promotion

On World Tourism Day, a gathering was held in the Visitor Center of the City of Velika Gorica to discuss the topic of "Sustainable tourism of Zagreb County" in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Zagreb County and the largest professional association of travel journalists and writers on tourism, "FIJET Croatia." The lecture and subsequent discussion among all participants provided valuable insights into the direction of sustainable tourism development in Zagreb County and shed new light on the subject.

The recent gathering brought together experts, local community representatives, and numerous media professionals to share their experiences and best practices regarding sustainable tourism in Zagreb County. The focus of the discussion was centred on preserving the region's natural and cultural heritage while promoting economic revitalisation and development for the benefit of the local community in a sustainable manner.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Ph.D. Nikolina Brnjac, Croatia's recognition and authenticity in the world is now almost beyond doubt. She added that the new tourism law will ensure that development opportunities are promptly identified and that the impact of sustainability is closely monitored. The ultimate goal is maintaining Croatia as a country of preserved resources, quality living conditions, and equal opportunities. The Zagreb County Tourist Board, along with all tourist destinations, has already begun efforts to improve the quality of the tourist offer in terms of sustainability. Jelena Šobat, the head of the Sector for Special Forms of Tourism and Analytics, Innovation, and Sustainable Development, greeted everyone on behalf of the Minister. The law itself will soon define the area more precisely.

Sustainability is much more than just another tool in destination promotion.

Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, emphasised the importance of sustainable tourism. She highlighted that this approach could help preserve local values for future generations, boost the economy, and enhance the community's well-being. The concept of sustainability has been a crucial aspect of the tourist board's work for several years, and it goes beyond a mere promotional tool. Alilović hopes that everyone can recognise and embrace the significance of sustainability to create a better future for all.

During the meeting, Tina Eterović Čubrilo, the President of FIJET and member of the Executive Board of FIJET Croatia, highlighted the exceptional opportunity for collaborative discussion and the creation of ideas to improve sustainable tourism in Zagreb County. Preserving the natural beauty and cultural treasures in the green ring of Zagreb is highly crucial for the Zagreb County Tourist Board, considering the region's diverse and rich biodiversity.

Sustainable tourism is the way to pursue long-term development in Velika Gorica and Turopolje. Precisely balancing urban and rural, natural beauty and heritage, we aim to preserve this perfect blend for future generations. "We can never have enough knowledge and experience," said the member of parliament and mayor of the city of Velika Gorica, Krešimir Ačkar, who, on behalf of the head of the Administrative Department for Economic Development, Agriculture and European Union Funds, Domagoj Ilečić, warmly welcomed those gathered. This gathering is sure to contribute to our shared goal.

The corn maze in Ivanić-and serves as a prime illustration of a tourist attraction that is both sustainable and innovative.

After the initial presentations, Director Alilović gave a talk on "Sustainable Tourism in Zagreb County." This was followed by a round table discussion that included prominent local, regional, and national tourism experts. During this discussion, FIJET Croatia President Tina Eterović Čubrilo stressed the importance of adapting communication tools to the younger generation, who represent the future of tourism. The participants also talked about the strategic and legislative frameworks for sustainable tourism. Jelena Šobat, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports sector head, clarified this topic and highlighted the upcoming implementation of a methodological instrument - the Satellite Account of Sustainable Tourism.

Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, expressed her appreciation for the implementation of national frameworks and linked them to the latest Strategic Marketing and Croatian Tourism Plan. During the discussion, she highlighted the importance of integrating sustainability practices in all activities of the regional tourist board. The Corn Maze, among other innovative tourist products, has been capturing the interest of all age groups. Additionally, Maja Toth Bušljeta, the director of the Tourist Board of Velika Gorica, shed light on the new trendy event called Petek na Gorice.

During the meeting, attendees were allowed to explore some local attractions, where they indulged in the tasting and presentation of regional products. They visited the Brigljević boutique distillery, the well-known Mon-Ami restaurant, and the ChoCo chocolate factory run by the Marković family.




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