Zagreb County Tourist Board

After participating in the Green Destinations conference, the Zagreb County Tourist Board is closer to receiving the Green Destinations certificate

The Zagreb County Tourist Board is participating in the Green Destinations conference, a significant international initiative dedicated to sustainable tourism. The conference provides an opportunity to showcase the latest developments in achieving Green Destinations certification, a notable achievement in promoting sustainable tourism in the region. This participation highlights the Board's commitment to supporting environmentally conscious tourism and promoting sustainable practices in the tourism sector.

Green Destinations is an internationally recognised organisation headquartered in the Netherlands dedicated to supporting sustainable destinations, businesses, and communities. The organisation offers various programs, including the GD Awards and Certification Program for destinations, the Good Travel Program for business entities, and the Top 100 Sustainability Stories initiative, all essential in promoting environmental responsibility and preservation.

The Green Destinations conference plays a crucial role in realising our vision of sustainable tourism. The presence of Zagreb County at this event is a testament to our progress so far. Although significant strides have been made, much work remains, and we are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders in the tourism industry are included in the process. Our overarching goal is to promote sustainable and innovative practices while advocating for progress and development in our county's tourism sector. Central to this vision is the recognition and respect for human rights. Effective communication is critical to successful collaboration and vital to the transition process. Ivana Alilović, the Director of the Tourist Board, emphasises this point, stating that "communication is the key to successful cooperation and a necessary factor in the transition process."

This international conference has gathered over 55 experts from various parts of the world to collaborate, share experiences, and develop better practices that will shape the future of sustainable tourism. This conference aims to provide a platform for all participants to contribute towards the sustainable development of destinations through joint efforts.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board cordially invites all interested parties to join in this dialogue and contribute to shaping a more responsible and promising future for tourism.



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