Zagreb County Tourist Board

Zagreb County Tourist Board presented its tourist offerings at Ljubljana's B2B workshop!

A collaborative B2B workshop was recently held in Ljubljana, in partnership with the Croatian Tourism Association in Slovenia. The workshop was an opportunity for various Croatian tourist regions and counties to present their tourism offerings to Slovenian travel agencies. The event aimed to foster stronger business relationships and promote cross-border tourism in the region. The workshop provided Slovenian travel agencies with access to invaluable information about the Croatian tourism industry and the various destinations and experiences on offer. Overall, the workshop was a success and helped to further strengthen the relationship between the Croatian and Slovenian tourism industries.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County recently showcased itself on Slovenia's most captivating market, which acknowledges the significance of sustainable tourism. The Board has been investing in various projects for the past five years, striving to preserve the appeal of tourism, the environment, and social and cultural values. Their dedicated work has paid off in maintaining the attractiveness of tourism in the area.

The workshop convened to acquaint representatives of Croatian tourist regions, eminent Slovenian media companies, and travel agencies with the tourist attractions of Zagreb County, the largest Green Destinations certified destination in Croatia. The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the region's diverse tourist offerings.




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