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Zagreb County's Tourist Board just presented vital capital projects for the destination's sustainability. Discover the transformation today!

Visit Croatia's largest certified destination.

On Friday, March 15th, 2024, the Zagreb County Tourist Board hosted a presentation at the Korak family estate to showcase the Green Destinations certificate of bronze lustre, as well as the successful outcomes of the KNOWING project. The event was held at the premises of the Michelin-starred restaurant, with a strong emphasis on the tourist board's unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental protection. The attendees included the delegation of the Minister of Tourism and Sports, the delegation of the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, representatives of the Zagreb County, and numerous stakeholders of the destination. The presentation highlighted the destination's potential and its readiness to embrace sustainable tourism practices to ensure the preservation of the environment and the attraction of environmentally conscious travelers.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County has highlighted that the Green Destinations certification is a testament to their relentless efforts and focus on nature conservation. The certification serves as a significant impetus, affirming that Zagreb County is not only a vacation destination but also a successful epitome of integrating tourism with environmental protection.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board has successfully implemented sustainable tourism practices, as evidenced by consistently favourable annual statistics. This strategic commitment to environmentally responsible tourism has been recognized by issuing a certification that now positions Zagreb County as synonymous with sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship. Ivana Alilović, Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, regards this certification as a catalyst for further innovation and development. Despite already achieving continuous growth in the number of overnight stays and visitors, the Board is resolute in its belief that sustainable tourism is not only possible but also vital for the future. This success story is not only a testament to their passion for sustainability but also their vision for the future. The KNOWING project has contributed to this success, as it demonstrated their awareness of climate change, as well as their determination to proactively prevent and address its effects. In sum, this certification is an integral part of Zagreb County's sustainable story, both a commitment to future generations and an exemplar of responsible tourism practices.

Dr. Katarina Miličević, the director of Tourism Lab d.o.o., praised the Tourist Board of Zagreb County for their exceptional commitment in achieving the Green Destinations certificate. They spent over a year working on 84 demanding criteria to obtain the certificate. Dr. Miličević believes that this certificate is solid proof that Zagreb County is on the right path towards sustainable tourism management. She also noted that this achievement is a result of the destination's dedication, as well as the collaborative efforts of the tourism service providers in preserving the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and the social and economic well-being of the region. As the official representative of Green Destinations, Tourism Lab is proud to have worked with Zagreb County on this project.

Zagreb County has become the largest county in Croatia with the Green Destinations label and is thus ranked among the world's top destinations. The process was not at all simple or easy, but what they showed was the unity of all stakeholders involved, which is crucial for the success of any project, including this one.

The presentation included not only the certificate but also the results of the 'KNOWING' project, which explores how human activities affect climate change. The project had 20 partners who developed a systematic approach to climate risk management. The goal was to implement measures that promote a sustainable and climate-neutral future.

"Our primary goal in joining this European project was to understand the impact of natural phenomena on tourism and encourage responsible behaviour to preserve the climate. We cannot fight against nature, but we can start adapting in time to everything that awaits us. This is the only responsible and sustainable approach to destination management," added Director Ivana Alilović.

The 'KNOWING' project is an interdisciplinary project that addresses the climatic challenges facing Zagreb County, such as extreme heat, prolonged droughts, hailstorms, and heavy rains. It involves scientists, regional partners, and communication experts.




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