Zagreb County Tourist Board

Zagreb County is now a top eco-tourist spot! The Zagreb County Tourist Board put us on the map of Green Destinations, recognizing our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. Let's keep promoting our county and attracting eco-conscious tourists

Zagreb County, one of the Croatian counties, is recognized as a leading global destination with the Green Destinations certificate. It is ranked as one of the largest Croatian counties and is known for its natural beauty and eco-friendly tourism.

The county of Zagreb has recently been awarded the bronze Green Destinations certificate, which is the highest standard of sustainability for destinations in the Republic of Croatia. This prestigious certificate serves as a testament to the county's commitment towards sustainable tourism, preservation of the environment, and social and cultural values. The Zagreb County Tourist Board has demonstrated a long-term dedication towards achieving this certification, which has culminated in the recognition of the county as a certified sustainable destination. This achievement is a remarkable milestone and deserves to be applauded.

The attainment of the bronze Green Destinations certificate is a matter of great honour for us, as it serves as the ultimate testament to our unwavering commitment towards fostering sustainable tourism. Zagreb County, besides being a popular tourist destination, stands out as an exemplar of how environmental stewardship can be successfully integrated with the tourism industry. As one of the largest counties in the Republic of Croatia, we have witnessed a steady growth in the number of visitors and overnight stays. Besides the plethora of options in the wine and gastronomy domains, we take immense pride in our strong ties with the local community. Our proximity to the capital city Zagreb, renders us an ideal destination for sustainable vacations. The attainment of the Green Destinations certificate is a culmination of the collective efforts and collaborations of all stakeholders in the tourism sector of Zagreb County. To ensure sustainability and transformation, inclusivity is pivotal, wherein we can ideate, co-create, and grow while being mindful of the environment that surrounds us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to this momentous achievement. This recognition is an endorsement of our shared vision and an impetus for us to continue striving towards a more sustainable future. As stated by the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, Ivana Alilović, we are committed to upholding our values and principles and to continue serving as a role model for others in the tourism industry.

Green Destinations is an organization that recognizes outstanding efforts in sustainable destination management. The certification process evaluates a range of sustainable management practices, such as nature and heritage conservation, waste disposal, energy efficiency, and the fight against climate change.

Zagreb County has been awarded the prestigious bronze Green Destinations certificate, following a rigorous assessment process that evaluated the destination's sustainable practices against 84 criteria. Independent auditing in the field confirmed that the county excels in all areas of sustainable destination management. This recognition reflects Zagreb County's unwavering commitment to preserving the appeal of tourism for future generations by adopting sustainable policies and management plans that uphold the principles of sustainable development.

Dr. Katarina Miličević, director of Tourism Lab and the official representative of Green Destinations, emphasized that this certificate validates the county's commitment to sustainable destination management and responsible tourism promotion. It brings numerous benefits, including greater visibility on the global stage, inclusion in prestigious world guides, and participation in major tourism fairs. Additionally, it serves as a tool to evaluate and enhance sustainable tourism management and is proof that Zagreb County is already on the right path.

The Green Destinations certificate denotes a significant milestone towards achieving fully grounded and independently verified sustainability certification following the international standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). In our future development plans, we will continue to prioritize sustainability while placing additional emphasis on the promotion of a "green economy," encouraging private sector involvement in sustainability measures, and recognizing entrepreneurs for their positive contributions towards environmental protection. It is important to understand that sustainability is not a one-time project; rather, it is a way of life that we choose to embrace daily, Ivana Alilović further emphasized the importance of this commitment.

About Green Destinations:

The Green Destinations Award & Certification program is designed to promote responsible destination management on a continuous and sustainable basis by encouraging cities, counties, regions, and protected areas to implement ecological practices. The program strives to provide participating destinations with a sustainability management system that includes independent verification of performance and progress every 2 to 3 years, along with recommendations for improvement. To date, over 120 destinations across 25 countries have received awards and certificates, thanks to the support of regional partners and representatives. It is worth noting that Green Destinations Certification has been accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) since 2018, further emphasizing the program's credibility and reliability. By encouraging the tourism sector to adopt environmentally friendly practices and promoting sustainable tourism management, Green Destinations aims to create a better future for both the planet and the tourism industry.




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