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This Friday, VIA VINO offers a unique wine experience that will take you on an extraordinary journey. Are you searching for a place to go? Look no further and join the adventure!

The VIA VINO festival by the Zagreb County Tourist Board had an impressive start to its third season. The festival's initial event was a musical evening in the Turopolje forest featuring Damir Kedžo—the following sold-out rosé evening at the Modić-Bedeković manor combined fashion, art, and pink wines. The mansion is a remarkable example of the cultural heritage of central Croatia's architecture. It was the home of the Bedeković sisters, Milka and Vilma. Zoran Mrvoš, one of the most prominent fashion designers, drew inspiration from the Bedeković sisters for his latest collection.

According to Ivana Alilović, the Zagreb County Tourist Board director, the VIA VINO festival is an absolute must for anyone visiting the area this autumn. The third edition promises an even more extensive range of activities featuring the region's traditional and contemporary elements. Visitors can enjoy wine evenings held at Zagreb County's finest wineries, open-air concerts, and a festive atmosphere with delicious wines and signature dishes.

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity at Prigorje, right in the heart of Puhelek-Purek winery, on Friday, October 6th

The highly anticipated third year of the VIA VINO festival is just around the corner and promises to deliver an exceptional wine experience. This Friday, October 6th, prepare yourself for a memorable journey through unique flavours and aromas that can only be found on this wine road. The renowned winery Puhelek-Purek, a recipient of the esteemed Decanter Gold Medal, will host the third night of the VIA VINO festival.

The jewel of Prigorje, the royal wine variety, is at the centre of attention. Along with carefully selected premium wines, sparkling wines and cocktails, creative dishes with the signature of Zagreb County are served.

The ambience of the royal wine evening will be elevated by the musical stylings of DJ Jurki, who will take guests on a journey through various genres of music, creating an unforgettable experience.

Join the Puhelek-Purek winery's royal wine party at 6 p.m. to experience a unique wine adventure you wouldn't want to miss!

Mark your calendars for October 14 because the eagerly awaited grand finale of the VIA VINO festival is coming to Plešivica! Mark your calendars for October 14 because the eagerly awaited grand finale of the VIA VINO festival is coming to Plešivica!

On the evening of Saturday, October 14, the renowned Dobra Berba winery, famous for its sparkling wine, will host the final event of this year's VIA VINA. The stunning Plešivica hills and the cascading vineyards will serve as the backdrop for an open-air concert by Filip Rudan, making it a night to remember.

The charming region of Plešivica in Croatia is stepping up its game by introducing the country's first sparkling wine road. This exciting development adds to the allure of the final VIA VINO event of the year. In addition to savouring exquisite sparkling wines and refreshing cocktails, guests will enjoy indulging in delectable dishes that pay homage to tradition and feature fresh, local ingredients.

Come and experience an unforgettable autumn evening at the magical Plešivica as we mark the end of this year's VIA VINO festival in style. Be part of this spectacular finale of continental Croatia's most beautiful wine festival!

To access VIA VINO, registration via email at is required, and there is no admission fee.

Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of the VIA VINO festival and join us for the rosé dinner at the Modic-Bedekovic Manor.

About the VIA VINO festival

The VIA VINO festival is a distinguished event organised by the Zagreb County Tourist Board, which celebrates the unique culture, wine, and natural beauty of the continental region of Croatia. Recognised as the preeminent continental wine festival, this spectacular occasion takes visitors through unexplored locations while presenting an extensive program that showcases the very best of indigenous cuisine and award-winning wines, accompanied by captivating entertainment. The festival promises a more diverse program in its third year, featuring prominent performers and fashion evenings.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board is responsible for organising the festival, which the Croatian Tourist Board supports.

Find event announcements and more information on and , or follow the Zagreb County Tourist Board on Facebook and Instagram.



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