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Underground mushrooms may not look visually pleasing, but their aroma and flavour are irresistible, making them one of the world's most sought-after and expensive delicacies. While Italian and French truffles were once dominant in gastronomy, Istrian truffles are now recognised for their exceptional quality. However, there is a misconception that truffles are rare and only found in certain regions. Is this truly accurate?  

Turopolje truffles were once doubted as an urban myth, but they are gaining recognition and appreciation among culinary experts. They are equal to the famous Istrian truffles. Local restaurants in Turopolje, Zagreb, and even Istria now serve them.

Turopolje truffles come in a wide variety of types, with as many as 16 available. These include Tuber uncinatum, Tuber macrosporum, Tuber mesentericum, Tuber brumale, and Tuber prigmenius bos. Some are even named after the now-extinct Turopolje cattle, such as Tuber Kolić, which its namesake discovered. All these truffles can be found beneath the surface of the Turopolje lye.

If you plan on searching for truffles in Turopolje, you'll need the assistance of a skilled truffle-hunting dog. These specially trained dogs possess a fantastic sense of smell, detecting truffles up to 5 cm below the earth's surface. They are meticulously bred and selected, with only the best-nosed dogs being trained for truffle hunting under the guidance of a skilled handler. Truffles can be found throughout the year, and with these remarkable dogs' help, your search will surely be successful.

After discovering the perfect truffles, it's time to relish their distinct flavour and aroma. Turopolje boasts delectable native cuisine that complements the freshly grated Turopolje truffle remarkably well, such as melenica, Turopolje spread goose soup and rolled goose. If you desire to indulge in this gastronomic pleasure, visiting Turopolje is a must.




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