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Savoury dishes and desserts

In Zagreb County, the regions of Prigorje, Moslavina, Turopolje, Jaska, Samobor, and Zaprešić share a common culinary identity, each having its unique local specialities. The restaurants and households in the area take pride in their traditional dishes and are eager to share their stories through their delicious cuisine. You can embark on a culinary adventure and discover these hidden gems.

Miner’s Greblica

In a small town near Samobor, a savoury cake made of thin dough filled with cottage cheese and various ingredients such as walnuts, yellow carrots, spring onion leaves, nettles, or spinach, has been declared the first protected gastronomic item in Zagreb County. Initially created as a snack for miners, it has become a beloved street food in the Samobor region due to its delicious taste.

Plešivički Copanjek

Are you familiar with the greblica and copanjek delicacies in Samobor Mountains and Plešivica, respectively? These savoury shortbreads are filled with seasonal greens and prove that simplicity can be the key to excellence.

Vrbovečka pera

Pera is a delicious pie that can be easily made using ingredients found in most households. It consists of leavened dough filled with cheese, cream, eggs, and cornmeal. It's a great example of how simple ingredients create a luxurious dish in a rustic kitchen.


In northern Croatia, simple cornmeal cubes used to be a dessert for those who couldn't afford much, but now they have become a popular snack with numerous variations. The key ingredients are always homemade eggs, corn flour, and either cottage cheese or cream.

Samobor salami

The people of Zagreb County take great pride in their mild dry sausage, made from the finest pork cuts and perfected through generations of recipe development. As a result, this sausage has become a trademark of the region. It is especially cherished by the people of Samobor, who hold an annual competition called the Samobor salamijada in honour of this beloved delicacy.


Kotlovina is not just a mere dish, it is a culinary masterpiece invented by our ancestors. This delectable meal consists of various meats, vegetables, and spices slowly cooked to perfection for hours on a large iron plate over an open fire.

Bele kobase i vankuši 

Two traditional dishes called "Vankuši" and "Bele kobase" originated in Ivanić-Grad during times of poverty. These dishes were created from ingredients commonly found in households and are now considered rare delicacies. "Vankuš" is a dough made from wheat flour, typically used for making štrukla or bread and filled with cottage cheese, eggs, and corn flour. "Bele kobase," on the other hand, are sausages filled with meat, corn flour, and spices.

Kotlet s trsja

A mouth-watering meal that blends the rich wine culture with exceptional culinary skills is the marinated pork cutlet cooked in grape, wine, and spice sauce. Food connoisseurs highly favoured this recipe usually served during grape harvesting.

The Žumberak trout

The Žumberak region's cold mountain streams teem with delicious trout, which can be prepared in various ways, such as rolled in cornmeal or pounded pumpkin seeds and grilled. For those with a sweet tooth, a trout-filled with porcini mushrooms is also a delectable option.

The Samobor kremšnita

Kremšnita is a delectable dessert that speaks for itself. It's a heavenly combination of airy and creamy goodness sandwiched between two layers of puff pastry. The key ingredient is egg cream, and while there are various versions of this dessert throughout Central Europe, the Samobor variant is undoubtedly the royalty of all desserts.




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