Zagreb County Tourist Board

The upcoming meeting SOT 2023, will assemble renowned experts in sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is gaining increasing attention from experts and the public. To address this issue head-on, the Zagreb County Tourist Board and the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica are collaborating to host a significant event. The gathering will bring together key figures to discuss the challenges and opportunities of eco-friendly tourism. The inaugural edition of this expert meeting, titled "Contemporary Challenges of Sustainable Tourism," is set for Wednesday, June 28, 2023, and will take place at the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica.

The expert meeting in the tourism industry is a pivotal event that unites experts, scientists, business representatives, and other key figures. Its primary goal is to tackle current challenges related to safety and sustainability in Croatia's tourism sector and provide a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices. The discussions during the meeting will revolve around essential topics for developing tourism in Croatia. 

Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board and the dean of the University of Applied Sciences in Velika Gorica,Ivan Toth, PhD prof. Expert Stud, will give opening remarks. Notable speakers include the Mayor of the City of Velika Gorica and Croatian Parliament Member Krešimir Ačkar, Minister of Tourism and Sports Prof. PhD. Nikolina Brnjac, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Affairs Davor Božinović.

The conference will feature distinguished speakers, including <strong<Associate Professor Robert Kopal from Effectus Entrepreneurial Studies at University College, Davorin Štetner from HAKS, Professor Božo Skoko from the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Zagreb, Gabrijela Abramović from Franjo Tuđman Airport, Domagoj Vrban from Garden Hill Hotel, Professor Sanja Kalambura from the University of Velika Gorica, Associated Professor Katarina Miličević from Tourism Lab, Slavko Štefičar from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and Dejan Gluvačević, PhD from Edward Bernays University of Applied Sciences.

Ivana Belić will moderate the expert meeting from REGEA; the complete program is available below.




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