Zagreb County Tourist Board

Croatian destinations are being promoted through virtual walks on the website

There are over 60 virtual walks available in four different languages that have been published.

Discover the beauty of Croatia through the modern and content-rich tourist information portal, With 63 virtual walks in VR 360 technology, users can explore destinations and localities in a high-quality virtual experience. Available in Croatian, English, German, and Italian, this platform enables you to interact and view your surroundings in a 360-degree environment. Start your journey and immerse yourself in the wonders of Croatia today.

The Croatian Tourist Board is committed to investing in promotion and communication channels and staying updated with modern trends. Our strategic focus on digitisation and sustainability in Croatian tourism has paved the way for further development in these areas. As such, we plan to enhance our VR platform with new technological solutions and additional materials for new destinations and language variants. These efforts align with our commitment to providing exceptional tourism experiences for our visitors, said Kristjan Staničić, the head of the Croatian Tourist Board.

These innovative systems enable users to discover destinations distinctively and creatively, offering a unique approach to destination research. With this technology, sharing information about destinations has been elevated to a whole new level, providing users with a more engaging and interactive experience.  

We're thrilled to announce that the VR platform we've been discussing has been transformed into the Explore Croatia mobile application! This innovative tool was developed specifically for the Croatian digital tourism - e-Tourism project and aims to assist you in uncovering the most extraordinary tourist destinations, cultural and historical landmarks, and awe-inspiring natural marvels. With six distinct tourism offerings, the app suits all aspects of your journey, from preparation to exploration and sharing your experiences with others.




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