Zagreb County Tourist Board

Submit your ideas to the Croatian Tourism Awards by the end of August! Show off your skills and help the industry thrive!

Are there any destinations, tourist employees, or entities you believe have contributed outstandingly to enhancing Croatia's tourist offerings? Would you like to nominate your favourite candidate for an award? 

Excellent, because attending the Annual Croatian Tourism Awards this year would be a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. The esteemed organisers, which include the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Tourist Board, and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, have invested significant effort in creating a truly exceptional event, complete with new and innovative categories. The awards ceremony will occur during the Days of Croatian Tourism in Rovinj on November 9th and 10th. To participate, kindly complete the online application form with all the necessary details. It's an opportunity that should be noticed.

Get ready to be captivated by our innovative awards concept!

A new idea has been introduced for tourism awards, which will include joint awards for different categories such as tourist event of the year, tourist arrangement of the year, gastronomic experience of the year, hotel and camp of the year, and awards for active, cultural, nautical, business, rural, and health tourism. Additionally, awards will be given for unique accommodations and tourist destination of the year, known as the Champion of Croatian tourism.

Applications are currently being accepted for awards presented by the Croatian Tourist Board in the People in Tourism category. These awards include "Man - the Key to Success, Employee of the Year," the "Anton Štifanić", and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Applications will be evaluated by a special committee comprising representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Tourist Board, and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The committee also includes representatives from the academic community, industry professionals, and stakeholders involved in developing sustainable, responsible, inclusive, affordable, innovative, year-round, resilient, competitive, and regionally balanced tourism.

Who is eligible to apply?

Business entities such as hotels, camps, private renters, farms, marinas, charter companies, hostels, spas, outstanding hospitals, travel agencies, and restaurants can apply. These entities can be used for different themed roads and routes, events, circular trips, tourist communities, DMC, other tourist destinations, and professional associations. 

It is important to note that when choosing the most suitable candidates, preference will be given to those who have positively impacted the local community. Additionally, we aim to highlight exemplary instances of innovative tourism practices and reward those who have shown exceptional results. 

The deadline to submit nominations for all award categories is August 31, 2023, and you can do so through the online application forms that are accessible on the   official website  of the<strong Days of Croatian Tourism event.




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