Zagreb County Tourist Board

Presenting the Tastes of Tradition from the Zagreb Region and Days of Croatian Tradition

Today, a press conference was held at the Zagreb County Tourist Board to announce the fourth Day of the Taste of the Traditions of the Zagreb Region and the National Day of the Taste of the Croatian Tradition. The event is scheduled from November 17 to December 3, 2023.

The fourth edition of the Days of the Taste of Croatian Tradition will take place in over 100 restaurants across 12 counties in Croatia. Ten restaurants from Zagreb County, which meet the Tastes of Tradition of the Zagreb area standard, will also participate. Visitors will have the opportunity to savour authentic culinary delights at the following venues: Babriga Bistro & Catering (Velika Gorica), Braje Winery (Jastrebarsko), Gabrek 1929 Restaurant Samobor (Samobor), Restaurant Ivančić (Jastrebarsko), Mon Ami (Velika Gorica), Hotel Princess (Jastrebarsko), Samoborska klet Restautant (Samobor), Rural Tourism "Stara Preša" (Šenkovec), Excursion Suhina (Bestovje) and Kos – Jurišić Winery (Donja Zelina).

These catering establishments were awarded the Tastes of Croatian Tradition standard: Kavana Livadić (Samobor), Stari Puntijar (Zagreb), Kramberger (Krapina), Gornjovinska Klet (Križevci), and Domestic house Lola (Vukovar).

It is with great pleasure and pride that I, as the host of the fourth Days of the Taste of Croatian Tradition, highlight the cultural and gastronomic wealth of Zagreb County. This event is an excellent opportunity to showcase the diversity and richness of local, original, and traditional cuisine, top wines, and local agricultural products. More than 100 restaurants from 12 Croatian counties are participating in the project. We are proud to have 12 top restaurants from Zagreb County, bearers of the Tastes of Tradition of the Zagreb Region standard, participating in this edition. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that five new catering establishments have been added to the bar in this year's edition, to which we offer our hearty congratulations. We hope that visitors will enjoy the smells and tastes of our tradition and have a unique cultural experience that reflects the authenticity of the cuisine of Zagreb County. The Zagreb County Tourist Board director, Ivana Alilović, expressed her appreciation for this event.



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