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I. General information

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County, hereafter referred to as the "Organizer," hereby announces a "Photo Zagreb County" competition and cordially invites all amateur or professional photographers to participate in this prestigious contest. The primary objective of this competition is to select photographs of the Zagreb County region that best showcase the destination's tourist attractions, as well as the competition's designated themes. The Organizer encourages all interested parties to submit their works for consideration.

II. The competition's subject and objective

The objective of the competition is to highlight the diverse cultural and historical landmarks, traditions, and original experiences offered in Zagreb County.

Entrants are encouraged to submit photographs depicting events, natural settings, or rural areas that draw attention to the attractions and social fabric of the region. We intend to inspire both professional and amateur photographers to capture the exceptional details and nuances of Zagreb County to bolster its identity and brand. All submitted photographs must have been taken within the confines of Zagreb County. We appreciate your interest in this competition and look forward to the exceptional submissions that will showcase the beauty and character of Zagreb County.

All submitted photographs must have been taken within the confines of Zagreb County.

III. Duration of the competition

The invitation to the Organizer's prize competition is open to all citizens of the Republic of Croatia and is available from Monday, April 17 to Sunday, May 28, 2023.

IV. Participation Right
natječaja mogu biti svi kreativci, fotografi, amateri i profesionalci te državljani

The contest is open to all creative individuals, photographers, amateurs, and professionals who are citizens of the Republic of Croatia and are 18 years or older.

All adults, regardless of their membership in guild associations or status as freelancers, as well as those who engage in photography as a hobby, have an equal opportunity to participate in the competition.

V. The themes of the photography contest and the timeframe

The photos must depict subjects within Zagreb County taken between 2019 and 2023, based on the following themes:

- active stay in nature
- manifestations
- cultural and historical landmarks
- tradition
– rural motifs
- wine and gastronomic motives and experiences

VI. Evaluation of works and criteria

The Zagreb County Tourist Board will create a commission to judge award competition entries.

The Commission will determine the best applicants based on five criteria, with marks ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest).

  • Originality and artistic value
  • Thematic alignment
  • Storytelling and emotion
  • Technical performance, specifications, and quality 
  • Composition of Photos

The three best photos evaluated by the Commission, nominated by the Organizer, and selected by followers on social networks will win prizes from the prize pool and be presented at an exhibition organized by the Tourist Board of Zagreb County.

VII. Check out these stunning photos on display!

Following the contest, the Zagreb County Tourist Board will hold a special exhibition featuring the best-rated photos chosen by the Committee and those selected by followers on social media. It's an exciting opportunity to showcase the most outstanding photographs and celebrate the talent and creativity of the participants.

The exact date and location of the exhibition will be revealed later. Rest assured that all photos from the show, as well as the rest of the shortlisted entries, will be made available for viewing on the official website of the Zagreb County Tourist Board (, as well as on their social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board plans to utilize all the photos shortlisted to entice more tourists to visit and highlight the various themes depicted in the photographs.

VIII. Conditions and method of submission of photos

Authors can submit up to five photos to the Zagreb County Tourist Board's official email address ( The photos must meet the listed criteria and include the following information.

  • the location
  • topic
  • name of the author
  • contact information
  • and signed consent when submitting a photo.

To participate in the competition, please submit your photos in digital format only, either in JPG or PNG form. The minimum dimensions of the image should be between 2,500 and 3,500 pixels in height and/or width, with a resolution of 300 dpi. Although the photograph can be captured with an analogue camera, it must be presented digitally for the competition.

To participate in the competition, photos must be free of text messages or signatures and meet the technical requirements. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in disqualification.

By participating in the competition, the author affirms the genuineness of the photo through the completed application form and accepts full responsibility for the content of the submitted images.

It is acceptable to use photo processing features in photo editing software if they do not alter the fundamental message conveyed by the original content.

The photos submitted to the competition must have been taken between 2019 and 2023. The author of the photo is responsible for the subject matter depicted in the photo.

The person who took the photo confirms that it was captured in Zagreb County and asserts that there are no rights belonging to third parties. They also assure us that they will directly address any potential claims by third parties, and no further compensation will be required.

The person who took the pictures has given the Tourist Board of Zagreb County and their partners, as well as media outlets, internet users, and anyone else, the unlimited and permanent right to reproduce, distribute, and publicly display the images in any electronic, print, or other media. This is all to promote Zagreb County, and the photographer has given up any right to receive payment or compensation for using the images. The photographer has also waived the right to claim royalties.

The individual responsible for capturing the image has granted the Zagreb County Tourist Board permission to feature selected photographs to promote the attractions and themes highlighted in the competition. No compensation will be provided, and the author will not be credited.

The author of the photographs has given the Tourist Board of Zagreb County permission to use and publish the selected photos indefinitely without compensation or attribution.

The submitted photos will compete in two categories: the best photos selected by the expert jury and those with the most likes.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County promotes the "Photo Zagreb County" photography contest through its Facebook and Instagram pages. It's important to note that the contest is entirely separate from Meta, and they do not sponsor, promote, or manage it in any way.

Facebook bears no responsibility for organising or implementing the contest nor for resolving any disputes that may arise.

The invitation text will be published on the Zagreb County Tourist Board's official website ( Contact for inquiries.

IX. Prize fund

The photo contest winners will be awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as chosen by the expert jury. Alternatively, prizes will also be given to the top 3 photos in the category with the most likes. The awarding ceremony will take place after the jury has made its final decision on the winners.

There will be two prizes’ categories: the best photos selected by the jury and those with the highest number of likes on social media. The top three winners will receive prizes in both categories, one for the photo with the most likes and the other for the photo chosen by the jury.

The prizes, which have been defined by the Organizer in collaboration with its partners, are as follows:

  • Wellness weekend at Hotel Princess****, Jastrebarsko
  • Romantic weekend at Hotel Garden Hill****, Velika Gorica
  • Dinner for two at Chop Old House Hotel & Restaurant, Velika Gorica
  • Dinner for two at Mon Ami restaurant, Velika Gorica
  • Dinner for two in the restaurant Samoborska klet, Samobor
  • Lunch for two at the Potkova restaurant, Zaprešić
  • Lunch for two at the Europa restaurant, Sveti Ivan Zelina
  • Wine and sparkling wine tasting at Korak Winery, Jastrebarsko
  • Wine and sparkling wine tasting at Voštinić Klasnić Winery, Ivanić Grad
  • Wine tasting at Litterarii winery, Sveti Ivan Zelina

IX. Protection of personal data

The "Photo Zagreb County" photography competition, organised by the Zagreb County Tourist Board, requires gathering, managing, and utilising the personal information of its participants. This information is solely for internal records and tracking of the contestants. It will not be shared with third-party organisations and will only be used for the mentioned purposes.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board will handle your data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Law on implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (Official Gazette No. 42/2018). The Board will safeguard your data against unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, loss, or destruction.

Participants' data are kept confidential by the Zagreb County Tourist Board. Only employees who require it for their job duties have access to personal data. Additionally, disclosure to third parties is only permitted in cases specifically mandated by Croatian legislation and EU legal provisions.

If you ever want to withdraw your consent to processing your data, you can easily do so. Fill out a statement on the spot, then revoke your authorisation in writing. You can send your written request to the following address: Preradovićeva ulica 42, 10000 Zagreb, or by email to Alternatively, visit us at our Preradovićeva ulica 42, 10000 Zagreb headquarters.




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