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Get ready for the VIA VINO festival in Zagreb County! Enjoy a weekend of wine, music, and fun events

The Zagreb County Tourist Board has recently announced the upcoming fall 2023 edition of the renowned wine festival, "Via Vino". This event will be held in the VIP lounge of the Franjo Tuđman Airport passenger terminal. The festival offers an unforgettable experience with fairytale wine road locations, exquisite top wines, delectable Zagreb County cuisine, and live music. This third edition is considered the best wine festival in continental Croatia and will provide an unparalleled atmosphere under a clear sky.

The latest iteration of the esteemed VIA VINO festival presents a distinctive blend of music, cultural events, art exhibitions, and awe-inspiring venues situated in Zagreb County. A selection of delicious snacks and award-winning wines further enhances the festival experience. The venue, located near Zagreb, was chosen for its tranquillity, providing visitors with an opportunity to relax amidst the authentic gastronomy and the wine culture emblematic of Zagreb County. The festival organisers strive to augment the VIA VINO program annually by emphasising the culture of wine and the culinary arts while incorporating eco-tourism and a return to nature. The previous editions of the festival, which were sold out, have generated enthusiasm among visitors, and the organisers intend to build upon this success by offering a more prosperous and innovative program this year. Ivana Alilović, the Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, stresses the importance of continuously enhancing the tourist experience to ensure visitor satisfaction. In this year's edition, the festival prioritises sustainability by showcasing the sustainable fashion of a local designer in addition to local food and drink offerings. Visitors can expect a bespoke vacation experience in Zagreb County that caters to their unique needs.

Mayor Krešimir Ačkar of Velika Gorica and Hüseyin Bahadir Bedir, President and CEO of International Zagreb Airport, presented this year's project.

"Velika Gorica and the entire Zagreb Green Ring are experiencing continuous growth in tourism, and this trend is expected to continue even more strongly in the coming years. We can attribute these positive results to well-designed promotional campaigns, such as the one implemented by the Zagreb County Tourist Board," stressed Krešimir Ačkar, member of parliament and mayor of Velika Gorica.

Hüseyin Bahadir Bedir, the President and CEO of International Zagreb Airport, has expressed his satisfaction with the airport's involvement in promoting the VIA VINO festival. This award-winning event highlights the natural and gastronomic heritage of continental Croatia. As the first point of contact for many tourists and visitors, Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb recognises the importance of collaborating with the local community to promote the authenticity of the destination. Projects such as the VIA VINO festival directly contribute to this effort and align with the airport's priorities.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, has emphasised the promotion of continental tourism for sustainable resources in alignment with the Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy until 2030. Brnjac commends events like ViaVino, which creatively bring together domestic visitors and meet the criteria of green transitions, to revive the continent's tourist destinations. Via Vino, a traditional event, is an outstanding example of a tourist event that showcases wine and gastronomy while highlighting the natural beauty of Zagreb's Green Ring, an environmentally conscious destination.

During the event, the big names in the local fashion and wine industry, such as Zoran Mrvoš and Saša Štula, added an extra touch of glamour to the presentation of this project and gave us a glimpse of what we can expect as part of the festival.

Why not experience the thrill of black truffle hunting firsthand?

On the final day of summer, Friday the 22nd of September, visitors to Turopoljski Lug will have an exciting opportunity to embark on a guided truffle hunt. This will be the first time they can try their luck at unearthing the highly coveted black treasure that grows underground. Expert searchers will accompany participants on the quest, utilising the Lagotto Romagnolo breed initially from Italy. It is sure to be a memorable and exciting experience for all. After the hunt, guests can enjoy an indulgent feast of aromatic, locally sourced dishes. They can also enjoy unforgettable sparkling and amber wines from one of the most renowned continental regions. The evening will be elevated even more by live music and vocals from the well-known singer Damir Kedžo. This event promises to be an exceptional and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Visit the legendary Modić-Bedeković estate and enjoy fashion with rosé and sparkling wine!

Next weekend, on Saturday, September 30, VIA VINO connects art, fashion and wines. Under the starry sky, visitors can expect the presentation of the new fashion designer Zoran Mrvoš collection. Inspired by the Bedeković sisters, the collection will be presented in the Modić-Bedeković Manor. This estate is one of the most valuable examples of central Croatia's architectural and cultural heritage. In memory of Milka and Vilma Bedeković, Turopolje fairies who dedicated their lives to art, culture and teaching other women, this court evening is accompanied by rosé and sparkling wine with a musical performance by Meritas & Jane.

Are you ready to indulge in a magnificent royal wine party?

On the upcoming Friday, October 6, you are invited to indulge in a truly royal experience that perfectly blends the best of both worlds - the traditional and modern aspects of Prigorje, all in one go. This exclusive event will take place at none other than the Puhelek-Purek winery, an award-winning establishment that has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional wines. The winery has even been honoured with the prestigious Decanter's Gold medal, a highly coveted accolade in the wine industry. During your visit, you can sample the jewel of Zelina - monovarietal wines from the kingdom that are available exclusively on this wine road. But that's not all - the royal edition of VIA VINO will be further enhanced by a wide selection of organic cocktails and sparkling wines, perfectly paired with an unforgettable outdoor evening. And as the cherry on top, the best DJs will provide a modern rhythm that will make your experience even more extraordinary.

Join us for the ultimate evening of entertainment under the stars on the wine road!

VIA VINO's grand finale is set to take place in the charming wine region of Plešivica on October 14th. The renowned Dobra Berba winery will be the perfect location to celebrate the occasion with its exceptional sparkling wines. The picturesque hills and vineyards of Plešivica will serve as the musical backdrop for the evening's entertainment, featuring the talented Croatian singer Filip Rudan. Having sold out his previous concerts in Zagreb and winning the prestigious Porin Award, this outdoor concert promises an unforgettable experience. Plešivica is well-known for its exceptional sparkling wines, which will undoubtedly take centre stage. In addition to the wine, guests will also enjoy refreshing cocktails, traditional dishes made with indigenous ingredients, and the pleasant autumn evening air. All in all, the magical Plešivica promises yet another unforgettable VIA VINO experience.

Get ready to experience the ultimate wine festival in continental Croatia! The VIA VINO festival is back this year, taking visitors through Zagreb's Green Ring. Just a 30-minute drive from the city, you'll be treated to an evening of music and carefully selected wines that will leave you speechless, just like before. Three years ago, the Tourist Board of Zagreb County, led by director Ivana Alilović, launched the VIA VINO festival with a mission to showcase the beauty of Zagreb's green ring, delicious local cuisine, top-notch wines, and unique foods that the county has to offer. This event invites us all to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore the beauty of nature. With such a positive response from visitors, we promise to bring you this incredible experience every year. To learn more about the VIA VINO program and individual events, visit the Tourist Board of Zagreb County website or check out our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. For further information, please visit




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