Zagreb County Tourist Board

At its tenth jubilee edition, Place2Go brought together many tourism industry players, stakeholders, and destinations. Among them, a significant number attended the panel discussion "Sparkling Future of Zagreb County," which was organised by the Zagreb County Tourist Board

On Friday, March 24, 2023, the Tourist Board of Zagreb County organised a panel discussion titled "Sparkling Future of Zagreb County" as part of the first day of the PLACE2GO fair. The debate brought together five co-creators of the destination - Ivana Alilović, Petra Masnec, Lucija Šember, Ivana Škrlec and Dijana Grgić.

Significant investments have been made in developing wine tourism in Zagreb County in recent years, and the tourist board has played a considerable role in these efforts. Notably, the award-winning event "ViaVino" and the local event "Sparkling and Strawberries" in Jastrebarsko have contributed to this progress, as has the first wine film in the world. Currently, there are over 70 recognised winemakers, with 35 producing sparkling wine throughout Zagreb County - from Korak, Kolarić, Jagunić and Šember to Voštanić-Klasnić, Kos and Puhelek.

According to the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, Ivana Alilović, all stakeholders involved in a tourist destination must have a high-quality and sustainable experience. She believes that achieving synergy among these stakeholders is essential for success. Alilović emphasises that the key to a destination's success lies in people. Additionally, she proudly announced that Zagreb County had created the world's first 'wine' film, adding to its appeal as a destination.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County showcased their destination uniquely and innovatively at this year's fair through the Bubble Bar. Local winemakers provided sparkling wines paired with fresh strawberries to create a truly indulgent experience for attendees. Visitors to the fair will have the chance to enjoy this luxurious combination throughout the event.

All of the factors mentioned above, which Zagreb County has in abundance, can also be the subject of organising events, and they are also actively working on them in Zagreb County. One of the newer events we expect is the "Spartan", which will delight all adrenaline lovers and take place for the first time in Croatia in Sveta Nedelja on July 15, 2023. For the future of the destination to be genuinely sparkling and bright, there are many other elements, and the effort is invested by all branches of the tourist economy - farms, artisans, private entrepreneurs and all those who follow the domestic, rural, green and sustainable path.




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