Zagreb County Tourist Board

Zagreb County secured 500,000 euros to improve tourist facilities and increase their quality

The Zagreb County Tourist Board recently organised a meeting in Velika Gorica to gather essential green ring tourism industry stakeholders. The primary objective of the meeting was to distribute funds to underdeveloped touristic regions. This is a significant milestone as it marks the first time that almost half a million euros have been obtained from the Fund for Tourism Underdeveloped Areas and the Continental parts for 2023. One hundred forty thousand euros have been earmarked for 12 local tourist boards to encourage innovative and sustainable tourism practices in their respective projects.

Numerous exciting projects and events are taking place in the tourism community of Zagreb County, also known as the "Green Ring of Zagreb". These activities are designed to attract both locals and visitors from outside the area. Some of the upcoming events that will be held include Pumpkin Day, the 197th Samobor carnival, the Posavina corn maze, the Champagne & Strawberry Festival, and Funding has been secured to ensure that these events continue to be held.

Photo: Attached is a picture of the esteemed Zagreb County Tourist Board Director, Ms Ivana Alilović

During the ceremonial signing of the contract, Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, announced that they have secured significant funds to support the sustainable development of continental tourism. The green ring project has been granted half a million euros, which will be used to create new tourist content crucial for the destination's competitiveness. Alilović emphasised the importance of innovative tourist offers that can make our tourist destinations more sustainable and resilient.

Director Alilović expresses great pride in securing 190,000 euros through the Public Tender for Regional Tourist Boards. The Zagreb County Tourist Board will use the funds for projects focused on obtaining a sustainability certificate for the destination, developing innovative and eco-friendly tourism, and launching promotional campaigns in domestic and foreign markets. 

According to Velika Gorica's mayor, Krešimir Ačkar, the approved funds will likely lead to increased tourism in Zagreb County. This area has been experiencing growth in quality and quantity of visitors in recent years. More people recognise it as a tourist destination, particularly those living in the City of Zagreb.

Photo: Gathered mayors, heads of municipalities and directors of tourist boards in Zagreb County

Additional special funds were allocated by the United Tourist Boards and Area Tourist Boards for funding tenders. The Sava-Sutla Valley and Hills region, as a formally united tourist board, provided a substantial amount of 100,000.00 euros for five projects. On the other hand, the project-associated tourist communities in Ivanić-Grad only secured a mere 30,000.00 euros for two projects. St. Ivan Zelina and Zaprešić secured 14,400.00 euros and 20,000.00 euros for one project each.

The Tourist Council of the Croatian Tourist Board decided on June 27, 2023, during its 26th session regarding the selection of projects for regional and local tourist boards in underdeveloped tourist areas and the continental parts, along with the allocated funds from the Fund for Touristic Underdeveloped Areas and the Continental parts. For more information about the distributed funds, visit the the Croatian Tourist Board's website.




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