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Discover the perfect combination of modern-rustic ambience and exceptional wines at a new winery near Zagreb, boasting an impressive array of award-winning selections!

In the heart of Zagreb County lies the "KOS" Winery, whose fifth generation carries on a centuries-old winemaking tradition. Since the early 90s, their focus has been on creating fine wines, and one of their barrels has even surpassed a hundred years in age. Recently, the winery has undergone renovations and built a new, modern production plant and cellar, which became operational at the end of last year. By preserving their family legacy and opening a winery in St. Ivan Zelina, Zagreb County is fortifying its tourism infrastructure and attracting visitors from both domestic and foreign regions.

Father Željko and son Karlo from "KOS" Winery are beaming with pride as they sip on their latest production. Their newly opened complex boasts the latest technology while preserving the family's traditional methods. The Kos family's seven hills of vineyards spanning over five hectares are a testament to their unwavering commitment to producing quality wine.

Željko Kos, the winemaker and owner, firmly believes that hard work always leads to positive results. He is already passing on his extensive knowledge to his son Karl, who has received an excellent education and is well-prepared to continue the family business. The Kos family is a close-knit unit, with Anita, grandmother Fanika, son Matej, daughter Helena, and future daughter-in-law Katarina providing invaluable support.

The presentation of the newly opened winery was taken over by Karlo, the son who has been taking over skills and craft from his father since he was young and is visibly proud of it. "The cellar is the heart of the production; the wines ferment there and then mature," explains Karlo while presenting a glass of young wine that is not yet ready for distribution, but he exclusively poured it for the gathered. We can certainly only see the concrete egg in some wineries, which enables the production of wines of different styles and is applied to achieve the most excellent maceration effect and richness of taste. Namely, it is a process in a barrel, or in this case, a concrete egg, after the harvest when the young wine matures with the grape skins during the initial period to pick up as rich aromas as possible.

" Our production capacity of wine and sparkling wine ranges from 90 to 100 thousand litres annually, and we have the potential to double this amount. "Our production process involves a clever combination of old barrels and new equipment to achieve the perfect taste for both our customers and us," explains the dynamic and enthusiastic winemaker, Karlo Kos, adding that his family's wines are possible

to be found in numerous restaurants and wine shops across Croatia. They have received many awards, and some of their labels have even won international and domestic recognition.

The winery is open on weekends, and visitors can also arrange individual or group visits during the week. With the variety of wines produced by this family, there is sure to be something to pique your interest. During an exclusive visit co-organized with the Zagreb County Tourist Board, the family emphasized that some of their wines are aged for a year or two, while others are aged for longer than three years. Wine tourism is a significant aspect of tourism in Zagreb County, and initiatives like this help to elevate the brand and importance of the overall tourist destination.

The Kos family has an ambitious and thrilling vision for the future - they plan to establish a wine bank. This groundbreaking idea will enable customers to securely store their purchased wines, like how we trust banks with our money and valuables. As premium quality wines can be expensive, this concept is not only pragmatic but also forward-looking. Additionally, the family is steadfast in their commitment to enhancing their enterprise's ecological and biodynamic aspects, with the objective of fully transitioning to ecological agriculture by 2028. This unwavering commitment to sustainability will distinguish their tourism product, making it even more significant and extraordinary in this region of Croatia.

Kos Winery will officially open on Saturday, June 17, 2023, starting at 6 p.m. The event has been symbolically named "KOS Winefest". All gathered will be hosted on a complex divided by a local road; on one side, a new and modern complex is visible; on the other, a family house and a rustic building with a restaurant that offers local and authentic dishes.




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