Zagreb County Tourist Board

Holiday souvenirs from Zagreb County Tourist Board. Limited edition, minimalistic, unique pieces. Get them now.

The Zagreb County Tourist Board has recently launched a new series of limited-edition souvenirs in bracelets and minimalist designs. These items are religious-themed and feature the characteristics of saints and patrons of specific cities in the county. The bracelets result from a collaboration between the Zagreb County Tourist Board and the renowned domestic brand Borboleta. These simple yet effective holiday gifts will surely delight all who receive them.

Collaboratively crafted with the local brand Borboleta, the elegant bracelets are a unique and timeless souvenir. These bracelets make for a perfect gift during the upcoming Christmas holidays and can be purchased at retail outlets or ordered online. The authenticity and originality of this souvenir are reflected in the various motifs that showcase the story of the tourist destination. The four patron motifs are connected to Turopolje and Velika Gorica, Samobor, Kloštar Ivanić, and the Krašić region, often referred to as the Valley of the Cardinals.

An excellent example of the synergy between tradition and modernity

"We have been working on this project since the beginning of the year. The inspiration behind it was the significance of the holiday season, which we successfully combined with the growing need for the development of religious tourism. These bracelets not only represent the synergy between tradition and modernity, but they are also sustainable and timeless. Therefore, they are an excellent way to promote our desired destination."

Religious tourism has a long history and is now considered a significant form of modern tourism. The director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, Ivana Alilović, states that they have come up with the idea of re-collaborating with the famous Croatian bracelets. This is part of their effort to develop innovative tourist offerings and sustainable forms of destination promotion. 

Strong symbolism of four patrons and destinations in Zagreb County

The presence of religious motifs on this year's bracelets is not a coincidence but a response to the growing demand for religious tourism in Zagreb County. The bracelets feature the images of St. Lucia, St. Anastasia, St. Mary, and Blessed Alojzije Stepinac, each carrying its unique 'message.'

Saint Lucia, as the patron saint of Turopolje and Velika Gorica, is associated with light, while Saint Anastasia, the patron saint of Samobor, is closely linked with love. Saint Mary, the patron saint of Kloštar Ivanić, conveys a message of mercy, while blessed Alojzije Stepinac, through a strong association with the Valley of Cardinals, emphasises the law of love as a fundamental aspect of Christianity.

Borboleta has a long-standing partnership with the Zagreb County Tourist Board and takes great pride in this collaboration. In addition to preserving tradition through the new line of Borboleta bracelets, the Tourist Board of Zagreb County effectively promotes its brand on hoodies, T-shirts, and other promotional materials. 




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