Zagreb County Tourist Board

The county of Zagreb has recently declared the Rose Awards for the most outstanding tourist facilities and employees

Zagreb County has initiated an annual recognition program to honour exemplary sustainable businesses and tourism, accommodation facilities, innovation, wine and gastronomy, and outstanding individuals and employees in the tourism sector. The Rose of Zagreb County is a prestigious annual award to recognise excellence in tourism workers, facilities, and businesses in Zagreb County. This recognition program aims to promote and encourage the growth of sustainable tourism practices, encourage innovation, and recognise the contributions of outstanding tourism professionals.

Zagreb County has emerged as a prime wine-gastronomy destination, replete with cultural, traditional, and contemporary events near the Croatian metropolis. The region has successfully concluded the tourist year, owing to a host of cultural and historical attractions, in addition to the verdant "Zagreb ring" that beckons lovers of outdoor activities and nature enthusiasts alike. The increase in attendance and overnight stays is a testament to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders in crafting a unique and identifiable tourist narrative. This was accomplished through the joint efforts of professional employees and innovative, sustainable tourist facilities, for which we extend the prestigious annual award for excellence in tourism.

Creating a unique tourist story cooperating with individuals and facilities is the key to success.

The director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, Ivana Alilović, recently announced that citizens, tourism workers, and tourism facilities are all crucial in creating the value and experience of the Zagreb County destination. To motivate them to continue their excellent work and effort, the board will hold an annual award ceremony to recognise exceptional contributions. Successful examples will be showcased to all stakeholders as a guide for the further development of tourism. Alilović invites all innovative businesses, sustainable practices, and successful projects in tourism to register their businesses, employees, or individuals for the awards ceremony.

Applications and nominations are now open until February 15, 2023, for individuals who have contributed uniquely to the creation of new values and recognition of the destination.

Applications and nominations can be submitted through the online form available at this link for the Zagreb County Tourist Board Annual Award.

If you're looking for the rules regarding the Rose of Zagreb County award, you can find them here.

The host city for the award ceremony is Velika Gorica.

On February 28, 2023, the first Roses of Zagreb County will be awarded to the best in the tourism industry. A jury of experts in the field will choose the winners.




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