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Uncover the initial Michelin-starred upscale culinary adventure located in the vicinity of Zagreb in Zagreb County 

The Korak Winery, situated on the slopes of Plešivica near the Croatian capital city, has earned another Michelin star, making Croatian gastronomy even more decadent. This star is the first in Zagreb County, further solidifying its reputation as a top destination for fine dining and exceptional wines. The county's tourism goals include sustainability and ecological acceptability, which are reflected in Bernard Korak's preparation of dishes and the quality of ingredients. As a result, Michelin has added a new distinction to this restaurant - the Michelin Green Star.

If we exclude Noel from Zagreb, it is the first restaurant with this prestigious label, where we can enjoy extraordinary dishes and wines, looking at destinations from the Primorje and Adriatic to Slavonia. In the restaurant’s description, Michelin emphasises the quality of the food, the two tasting menus and the restaurant's location with a view of the vineyards on the hilly slopes of Plešivica, and they called the overall experience and service attentive and elegant. By the way, it is well known that at the Korak family estate, which is managed in synergy by the fourth and fifth generations, all family members contribute to the dedicated production of top wines, food, and experiences.

The Croatian Tourist Board and Ministry of Tourism and Sports have warmly welcomed the esteemed guide's recent decision. Ivana Alilović, the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, emphasised the significance of the award for Croatian continental tourism. She congratulated Bernard and the Korak family, acknowledging several generations' tireless efforts that led to this momentous achievement. The Michelin Green Star bestowed upon Korak Winery is a testament to their creations' sustainability and ecological acceptability. Alilović encourages everyone in the region to draw inspiration from this recognition.

With great pleasure, we announce Croatia's position on the world's gastronomic map as a notable tourist destination. We are proud to have 11 restaurants that have earned this prestigious label, including Pelegrini in Šibenik, 360º in Dubrovnik, Monte in Rovinj, Noel in Zagreb, Draga di Lovrana in Lovran, Boškinac in Novalja, LD Restaurant in Korčula, Nebo in Rijeka, Alfred Keller in Mali Lošinj, and Agli Amici in Rovinj. These restaurants have successfully maintained their stars in this award cycle, cementing their position as world-class dining establishments.

If you're looking for proof of exceptional meal preparation and high-quality ingredients, look no further than the Michelin star. The rating is a highly regarded symbol of excellence, and you can find out more about Korak Winery's rating and other top restaurants by consulting the prestigious Michelin Guide.




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