Zagreb County Tourist Board

Congrats to the winners on their gold medal from the Zagreb County Tourist Board for best wine film! Well done!

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County is breaking records in attendance and international promotion as a wine destination, and all this before the start of the award-winning VIA VINO wine festival.

The tourism film "Zagreb County A Taste Above" by the Zagreb County Tourist Board has received yet another global recognition. It was awarded the gold prize in the category of promotional tourist films at the Terres International Tourist Film Festival in Tortosa, Spain.

The wine film produced by Zagreb County has garnered significant acclaim in Croatia, having been honoured as the best wine film at the Zagreb Tour Film Festival, as well as receiving a silver award in the Wine Tourism category at Portugal's ART&TUR festival and a silver medal in the regional destination marketing category at the German World Media Festival. This latest international gold award marks the fourth recognition for the film, promoting the wine roads of Zagreb County and encouraging viewers to explore not only the diverse tastes and aromas but also the well-preserved natural beauty that delights visitors.

The media presentation of the destination film A Taste Above was created to acquaint our guests and visitors with the harmonious relationship between natural beauty and the wine and gastronomical experiences unique to our region. Our emphasis on local, indigenous, and sustainable practices is evident in every frame of this film, which has been recognised with four awards at various festivals. Developing a thriving tourist destination requires a multifaceted approach that requires many individuals' dedication. Effective communication of our offerings is vital to determining whether potential guests choose our destination. We are proud that the fruits of our labour have been acknowledged, and we remain committed to continuing our efforts to promote and uphold our standards of excellence. The Zagreb County Tourist Board director, Ivana Alilović, expressed these sentiments.

A Taste Above, a film produced in collaboration with Sekunde production company, showcases the wine roads of Zagreb County and its various customs, traditions, and cultures. The film offers visitors a unique opportunity to indulge in the wines and familiarise themselves with the local customs and traditions. Furthermore, it provides insights into the local cuisine, an integral part of the overall experience.

According to Martina Miličević, the producer and creative director of the film A Taste Above, people don’t want to be told that a destination is the most beautiful or the best. They desire an authentic connection with the place and a story to make it come alive. That's precisely what the film offers, with the winemakers as the main characters. The Tourist Board of Zagreb County recognised the value of experiential communication in tourism, and we're grateful for their collaboration. We're proud of the film's ability to capture and share that connection with viewers.

Thanks to fantastic promotional campaigns, record-breaking attendance has been achieved in Zagreb County. It's excellent news that the highly anticipated "VIA VINO" wine festival is just around the corner.

The Tourist Board of Zagreb County has received solid international recognition for promoting tourism in the lush surroundings of Zagreb. With awards from prestigious tourist film festivals, the county has gained popularity as a destination, as evidenced by the record increase in overnight stays.

Discover the wine roads during September and October, where the much-awaited VIA VINO wine festival takes place from September 19 to October 14. This renowned festival, organised by the Tourist Board of Zagreb County, promises an unforgettable experience of music, art, wine, and authentic delicacies. You can also explore film locations and immerse yourself in the rich culture of this world-famous region. Don't miss the chance to indulge in the best of continental Croatia!




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