Zagreb County Tourist Board

Discover the hidden truffle trail near the city. Explore the educational experience and taste the unique flavours

Nestled in the verdant forests of Turopoljski Lug lies a culinary treasure waiting to be unearthed - none other than the black truffle. On Monday, November 6, the Zagreb County Tourist Board unveiled the Black Truffle Educational Trail, marking a new milestone in the movement towards sustainable tourism and promoting local gastronomy.

A press conference was held at the Lugarnica Čardak, a site known for its enchanting surroundings, to announce the launch of a new project. The initiative was a collaborative effort between the local communities and institutions that acknowledged the potential of selective forms of tourism. The project aims to introduce visitors to the basic knowledge about the gastronomic treasure of black truffles and the methods involved in their harvesting. It also intends to promote active tourism and outdoor activities, such as hiking. The project is designed as an interactive story that takes visitors through the various stages of the growth and harvesting of black truffles. It can be organised with expert guides and local sniffer dogs to enhance the overall experience.

          "The Black Truffle Educational Trail project in Turopolje is more than just a new tourist attraction. It reflects our deep strategic orientation towards sustainable tourism. Our commitment is to create a tourist offer that respects and promotes our natural and cultural resources, encourages active tourism, and includes the local population. This project is a result of that approach. Every step in truffle hunting becomes an opportunity to learn about the locality, history, and tradition of Turopolje. Together, we are building a tourist destination that not only attracts visitors but also educates them and makes them part of our sustainability story," said Ivana Alilović, Director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board.

The project of the first educational trail of black truffles in Turopolje is an excellent example of successful synergy between numerous partners. The City of Velika Gorica, Croatian Forests and, the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds have ensured that this project is carried out according to our vision of preserving nature and cultural heritage. Their support, whether financial or through

professional guidance was the foundation on which the initiative was built while showing the strength and potential of collective action in promoting selective and sustainable forms of tourism.

Velika Gorica Mayor Krešimir Ačkar expressed his delight at the collaboration between the city and other stakeholders in supporting the Turopolje project. The project's focus on innovative tourist products positions Velika Gorica as an active vacation destination. Turopolje represents the green heart of the city. Being part of the project provides a significant opportunity for the city to showcase its potential as a tourist hub.




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