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Gault & Millau

Gault & Millau is a prestigious gastronomic guide to restaurants founded by two critics, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, in 1965. G&M rates on a scale of 1 to 20. Points are awarded based on the quality of the food, along with comments on the restaurant's service, price, or atmosphere. Based on this rating, high-end restaurants can display one of the four toques.

After a five-year presence in Croatia, Gault&Millau has published its first specialised edition; for the first time in history, a bilingual (Croatian/English) edition of the guide was published, the translation of which is credited to Morana Zibar. The guide contains reviews and photos of 100 restaurants, taverns, diners, pop shops and pastry shops in Zagreb and its surroundings. This wide range of catering establishments is based on the GM motto "Luxury is in quality, not in price".

As part of the promotion, awards were given to the best chefs in Zagreb County.

  • Chef Bernard Korak – The Korak Restaurant (16 bodova i 3 toquea)
  • Chef Ana Perić –The Gabreku Restaurant (13,5 bodova i 2 toquea)
  • Chef Karlo Navoj – The Karlo Restaurant (13,5 bodova i 2 toquea)
  • Chef Goran Marko Beus – The Mon Ami Restaurant  (13,5 bodova i 2 toquea)
  • Chef Vlasta Šander – The Trajbar Team Restaurant (13 bodova i 2 toquea)



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