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Prigorje and its surroundings

Experience the tranquillity and scenic beauty of Prigorje, a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Indulge in the delicious local cuisine and wine from renowned winemakers and enjoy exceptional entertainment. The town of Sveti Ivan Zelina is the heart of this region, where you can explore the rich history of the Zelina area atthe St. Ivan Zelina Museum . The nearby St. John the Baptist Parish Church dates to the town's inception in the 12th century. This area is also an important archaeological site, with artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age. You can also visit the medieval castle atop a nearby hill, built at the crossroads of roads, which offers a glimpse into the knightly past. The Knights of Zelingrad keep the court alive with their knight tournament. Zelingrad is in a secluded area, surrounded by a beautiful forest, so take a walk along the educational eco-trail Zelinska gora, which leads you to Kladeščica, the peak of Zelinska gora. To the city’s southwest, you can exploreThe Zelina Wine Road, where numerous vineyards dot the gentle green hills. Of course, it would help if you tried the indigenous variety of white wine, which is light and refreshing and perfect for warm days. Klet Ljubekov Gaj /Ljubek's Grove , is a charming village setting with a delightful ambience for savouring local dishes and sips. Don't forget to try the loparka from the bread oven, a regional variation of salty gibanica.

To discover more about Prigorje, a must-visit destination is the town of Dugo Selo, located on the eastern outskirts of Zagreb and easily accessible by train. At the heart of the town, be sure to explore Count Drašković's Park, while history enthusiasts will be fascinated by the Templars and St. Martin. A few kilometres from the park, on a hill, stands the most significant local landmark - the 800-year-old Gothic-style St. Martin's Church on Martin Breg . This church's ruin is responsible for Dugo Selo receiving the first Croatian Foot of St. Martin and becoming part of the pilgrimage network that spans ten European countries. A cycling path named "Footsteps of St. Martin" leads from the city centre to the excursionist Martin Breg. The Bunčić family's popular estate is located nearby for a refreshing break. The former cellar now serves as a complete catering complex with overnight accommodation and is the go-to destination for dining in Dugo Selo.

Head a bit towards the east and you'll come across Vrbovec, the hometown of Marija Jurić Zagorka and Petar Zrinski. The Zrinski Tower, which is the only remaining structure of the medieval fortress, is a symbol of Vrbovec's heritage. Lovrečina grad castle, located nearby, has a rich history that predates its neo-baroque design from the 19th century. If you're looking for a peaceful getaway surrounded by nature, make sure to explore the protected zoological reserve, Varoški lug, located a bit further south. This beautiful oak and hornbeam forest is home to a diverse range of animals, including black storks and deer. Vrbovec is best known for the „What did our ancestors eat" festival, which celebrates local traditional dishes. One dish you must try is the scrumptious savoury pie, vrbovečka pera, available at top-rated local restaurants like Galerija.




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