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The settlement, home to 6110 inhabitants, rests atop a hill overlooking the church dedicated to the Exaltation of St. Cross in the Česma River valley. It is situated along the Zagreb-Lipovac highway and the Zagreb-Vinkovci railway line and is located 50 km away from Zagreb. This town is recognised as the birthplace of Josip Badalić (Deanovec), a writer and historian, and Milka Trnina (Vezišće), a world-renowned opera singer. It boasts a rich cultural heritage, unique rural wooden architecture, and an ancient archaeological site called Sipćine near Okešinac, indicating the area's early settlement. The southern side of the municipality houses the Žutica forest, which holds an oil deposit, while the eastern part is home to the Veliki Jantak forest, a famous hunting ground. The Česma River is also ideal for fishing.

For more information, please contact:

The municipality of Križ
Trg Sv. Križa 5
10314 Križ
Tel: +385 1 2831 510




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