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Ivanić Grad and its surroundings

Moslavina, an ancient region east of Zagreb, boasts of western Moslavina, also called Ivanić Island, as its closest proximity to the metropolis. This bountiful plain allures visitors with its stunning landscapes, abundant resources of rivers, thick forests, vineyards resting on hills, and oil fields.

When you travel to western Moslavina, visit the charming cultural hub of Ivanić-Grad. The Moslavina Museum offers a glimpse into the unique characteristics of the Ivanić region, ranging from its history and culture to its harmonious relationship with nature. At the Visitor's Center, you can browse a souvenir shop that sells authentic products like linen towels and shoes from the Kruh Vuk family , whose opanci are the only ones listed as protected intangible cultural heritage. For true culinary delight, indulge in the numerous dishes served during the Bučijada , festival, and savour the rich flavours of the wines produced in this vineyard-rich region at events like the Škrletovo wine festival.

If you're looking for a place to relax near the city centre, Naftalan might be your perfect health resort. It's the only source of medicinal oil in Europe and offers a range of wellness and health benefits you can indulge in. Additionally, Hotel Sport is a fantastic oasis that provides a variety of fitness and spa treatments you're sure to enjoy.

The Petek excursion site will provide an active holiday in a family environment with sports, fun and games.

Suppose you want to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body. In that case, we suggest immersing yourself in nature and taking a stroll along the educational trails of Marča if you're a beginner. The 2.5 km long Žutica trail is an attractive option for more advanced nature enthusiasts. Cyclists will also enjoy exploring the three well-maintained trails of differing difficulty levels, ranging from the easier Orange route to the slightly more challenging Yellow and Blue routes.

At the Kezele farm in Šumećani, you can indulge in a peaceful rural setting, savouring the delicious local cuisine and exquisite wines crafted by nearby winemakers. The Moslavina region takes great pride in their distinctively refreshing and drinkable white wine, Škrlet, which you should try. Be sure to sample the offerings of top winemakers like Voštinić-Klasnić Winery while you're there.

Experience the magic of Moslavina and treasure the memories for a lifetime.




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